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Realme Mirror is the only non-reversing mirror fit for professionals. You can read more about our design and manufacturing standards.

"A [non-reversing mirror] can serve as a bridge between the familiarity of the patient’s reversed reflection and their less-familiar, non-reversed true image. It has the potential to serve as a useful and cost-effective physician-patient communication tool which may serve to further engage the patient when discussing goals and expectations for facial aesthetic procedures."

Russell S Frautschi, Lynn M Orfahli, James E Zins, Reflecting on Your Reflection: Examining the Effect of a Non-Reversing Mirror on Self-Perception, Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Volume 41, Issue 12, December 2021, Pages NP1989–NP1993,

In Your Clinic

Realme Mirror can be used at every step in your patient interactions to enhance the patient experience, dramatically decrease miscommunication, improve outcomes, increase patient satisfaction and help you offer more than your competitors. Realme Mirror is the only non-reversing mirror that guarantees the high level of precision required to support plastic surgeons, cosmetic dermatologists and other medical professionals. Use Realme Mirror in consultations, in treatment and in recovery.

At Every Step


Show Realme Mirror to patients to help them explain their goals, to demonstrate the importance of facial harmony, and to talk through treatment plans.


Use Realme Mirror to immediately assess treatment results and get patient input. Realme Mirror allows your patient to really see their results.


Give Realme Mirror to patients to take home so that they can monitor their progress and notice when it’s time to come back for more treatment.

In Your Spa

Realme Mirror is a game changer for skincare specialists practicing lymphatic drainage, facial massage, hyaluronic acid or neurotoxin injections, and microcurrent facial treatments. Use Realme Mirror to consult with clients on their goals, talk through treatment plans and really show clients their results.

Improve Communication

Facial Clarity

Many clients won’t see what you see when they look at their faces because they have only ever seen themselves in normal mirrors, which flip their left and right sides and may even blur or distort the proportions of their facial features. Realme Mirror can show them exactly what you’re seeing, so you can talk them through the best ways to achieve their goals.

Immediate Feedback

Using Realme Mirror during and immediately after treatments can help you showcase your skills to your clients. Clients can see the immediate effects of treatments seeking to address facial asymmetry, and they can also give their input. What does that mean for you? More client engagement and greater client satisfaction.

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