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Our Story

Founded in 2016 by optical engineers in South Korea, Oasis Labs has pioneered what a mirror can deliver in terms of quality, functionality, durability and beauty with its Realme Optics line of non-reversing mirrors.

We noticed that ordinary mirrors varied enormously in quality, often blurring details or distorting facial proportions. And they always reversed the left and right sides in their reflections, tricking your brain into identifying with a version of you that doesn’t exist. Some other companies trying to rectify this problem fell short, requiring complicated adjustment knobs and lacking the premium materials needed to provide excellence in durability and design.

Our mission became to deliver a professional quality mirror that wouldn’t distort your face, that would clearly reflect the subtlest details, and that would show you exactly how you look to other people, while also looking stunning in your home. Thus, the first Realme Non-Reversing Mirror was born. Since then, subsequent iterations of the Realme Mirror have been featured in Allure Korea, displayed in the prestigious DDP Design Store, spotted on the hit South Korean reality show “I Live Alone,” and have sold over 100,000 mirrors in South Korea alone.

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