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Designing Precision

Learn how we made the first fixed-angle non-reversing mirror and the only non-reversing mirror suitable for professional use.


Not all mirrors are created equal. That’s why we only use camera-grade mirrors in all of our products. These professional grade mirrors are the same kind used in DSLR cameras and photocopy machines because they are guaranteed to accurately reflect light to the highest possible standard. Why do we bother? Not only can poor quality mirrors fail to provide clear detail, they can also distort how your facial features are proportioned—you can think of a funhouse mirror, but to a more subtle degree. 


Making a non-reversing mirror is a complicated undertaking: not only do you need each mirror piece to line up correctly to make a perfect angle, you also need to make sure they stay that way. All Realme Non-Reversing Mirrors are calibrated to within +/- 0.05° of accuracy, the highest possible standard. Realme Mirror is also guaranteed to last for years and through seasonal temperature changes without any alterations to precision.

We pioneered the first fixed-angle non-reversing mirror, which means no tedious, unreliable at-home calibrations needed. Realme Non-Reversing Mirrors are just easy to use and precise right out of the box—no adjustment knob or special training is required to get the perfect non-reversing reflection angle.


We’ve partnered with award-winning product designers in South Korea to ensure that our Realme Mirrors are as beautiful as they are precise. Our latest model, Realme V, features an elegant, ivory-colored scalloped housing design and gold-toned stand. It’s also our sleekest Realme Non-Reversing Mirror yet and can fit on any vanity or countertop.

Learn about the design details for all of our Realme Mirrors.

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