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How It Works

Unflip Your Face

Normal mirrors flip your left and right sides, which you can test by standing in front of your bathroom mirror wearing a slogan t-shirt: the writing will appear backwards in your reflection. In contrast, a non-reversing mirror shows you your reflection without flipping or reversing your left and right sides. It does this by redirecting light through a setup of two mirrors angled at 90°. What difference does un-reversing the reflection make to the user? If you’ve ever seen a picture of yourself and thought that your face looked off or you find watching yourself on video uncanny, then you already have an idea of what it's like to look into a Realme Mirror. That's the feeling you get when you realize that you don't look like what you thought you looked like.

Retrain Your Brain

Most of your own experiences with your face have been mediated by normal mirrors – or the reflections you glean from car windows or in your screen when your phone is locked. The result is that your brain has been trained to identify with that flipped and distorted version of your appearance, which is nothing like what other people see when they look at you. Using Realme Non-Reversing Mirror helps your brain to understand and become familiar with what you actually look like to other people.

What makes Realme Mirror the best there is? It all comes down to attention to detail and using the right materials.

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