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How To Use Realme Mirror

Unlike normal mirrors, which flip your left and right sides and may even subtly blur or distort your facial features, Realme Mirror actually shows you what you look like to other people with incredible accuracy—empowering you to take control of your face for the first time. Read on for tips on how to use Realme Mirror in your self-care routine.

Makeup Application

Everyone has facial asymmetry to one degree or another, and it’s important to take your unique facial quirks into consideration when you do your makeup. Realme Mirror can be your guide to perfect eyebrows, matching eye liner, beautiful lips and flattering contour. Realme Mirror is perfect for everyone from makeup newbies to professional makeup artists interacting with clients and teaching makeup application.

Anti-Aging and Skincare

Lifestyle habits, such as how we sleep or chew food, as well as aging can lead to more exaggerated facial asymmetry over time. If you’re proactive about aging well and maintaining facial harmony over time, let Realme Mirror be your guide. Use Realme Mirror to identify areas of concerns and assess how well your facial care routine and cosmetic treatments are serving you.

Practicing Facial Expressions

Are you in a front-facing role at your job? Do you have to give presentations, sell products or services, or appear in photos or on video? Realme Mirror can help you make sure you’re conveying exactly what you intend to convey. Use Realme Mirror to hone your facial expressions and gestures.

Building Confidence

We’re not going to sugarcoat it: you might not like what you see the first time you look into Realme Mirror. Your brain is so used to seeing yourself flipped from left to right in ordinary mirrors that, when you finally see your real face, every unique quirk and asymmetry will jump out at you. However, many users report that Realme Mirror has helped them achieve greater self-acceptance and address difficult feelings about their appearance. Consider using Realme Mirror as a way of getting to know  – and love – you, the way people around you do.

Checking Posture

Good posture isn’t just about being upright; poor posture can also express itself in one shoulder being higher than the other or a head tilt. If you need to finetune your posture for your lifestyle or career, Realme Mirror can show you where to focus your efforts.

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