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The Complete Realme Optics Line

Learn about what each version of Realme Non-Reversing Mirror has to offer and find the right Realme Mirror for you.

Realme V (New!)

The newest in our Realme Non-Reversing Mirror line. Realme V features an elegant, ivory-colored scalloped housing design and comes with a gold-toned stand. Use Realme V in the stand or hold it in your hand for a close-up look at your face. Realme V’s sleek V-shaped design means that it doesn’t take up much space on your vanity or bathroom countertop and can be easily stored.

Product design by Zos Lee of Zoslee Studio.

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Realme Pro

The professional edition of Realme Mirror, Realme Pro was designed to be more water resistant than Realme Essential. Realme Pro’s attached stand design allows you to tilt the mirror forwards or backwards so you can see yourself clearly from varying surface heights. Realme Pro’s sturdy housing comes in four colors: matte black, light gray, coral pink and baby blue. Realme Pro is the largest mirror in the Realme Mirror line and works great in a high-use environment.

Product design by found/Founded design studio.

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Realme Essential

The original Realme Non-Reversing Mirror, Realme Essential was designed to be aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious. Made with card housing instead of plastic, Realme Essential comes in five charming colors: serenity blue, green gray, white, light pink and salmon pink.

Product design by Ian Bok.

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Pebble (Coming soon!)